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"Dr. Lewis was flexible and tolerant, encouraging others to express themselves fully. Participants often said that he helped them to understand and appreciate views they had never considered before. He accomplished this with sound evidence and skillful questions that involved the audience and truly expanded their perceptions and ideas." Truth H. Schiffhauer, Project Director of "Let's Talk About it." (DE) _______________________________ "Thank you for coming to lead the discussion for 'Dust Tracks on a Road' by Zora Neale Hurston...some of the experiences you have had in living in a white-dominated society helped us to realize the difficulties people of color have to overcome." Rhoda Trexler (DE) _______________________________ "Thank you so much for accepting our invitation as outside Evaluator for the Filipino Heritage and Arts Museum, Filipino American Youth Conference; SANTACRUZAN." Millie Lombardi, Program Director (DE) _______________________________ "It was enjoyable having you lead our book discussion group this summer. You helped bring all the books to life." William A. Stoddart (DE) _________________________________ "Your name has been submitted for inclusion on the planning committee for the Council of Presidents of Delaware Institutions of Higher Education's Fourth Conference on Minority Issues, in Higher Education. We believe that you possess the requisite expertise and ability to make a significant contribution toward the success of our conference and would be deliegted to have you serve on the committee." William B. DeLauder, President, Delaware State University (DE) _________________________________ "I enjoyed reading your letter addressed to President Clinton. I agree with you, in regard to racism in society we must leave our biases and preconceived ideas at the door before any discussion on this issue can begin. Americans have come from all corners of the globe, bringing diverse cultures, knowledge and beliefs with them. These multicultural values and traditions have shaped our nation. Yet, racism still prevents millions of Americans from being judged on 'the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.' We are working hard in this Administration to encourage government and the private sector to work as a team to eradicate racism in our society. Thank you for your support." Henry Cisneros, Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Washington, D.C.) ________________________________ "...[Dr. Lewis] has demonstrated an exceptional depth of content knowledge, as well as the outstanding ability to interact with an reach students. His love of the Spanish language is evident in his daily instruction and interacion with students." Donna Lee Mitchell, Middletown High School Principal(DE) ______________________________ "...I would like to reiterate my sincere gratitude for your participation and assistance...as a moderator at our recent Civil Rights Conference held at the Southern New England School of Law..." Paul F. Walsh, Jr., District Attorney (MA) _______________________________ "Thank you for being our Delaware Humanities forum evaluator for our Annual Celebration...featuring Dr. Joycelyn Elders. We truly appreciate your kind comments about our Study Circles program, the event and the YWCA in general." Ruth S. Sokolowski, Executive Director and Nancy C. Bahr, Community Relations and Marketing Director (DE) _______________________________ "...Your willingness to serve in the capacity of 'outside Evaluator' for this project [2nd annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration] not only helped us to meet the requirements of the Delaware Humanities Forum but it extended our family of well-informed supporters... Thank you for your words of kindness in your evaluation review..." Pat Butler, Peter Spencer Heritage Project, Mother African Union FCMP Church (DE) _______________________________ "We hope it helps to know that you're held in the highest esteem by those who know you, as an example of an outstanding professional and citizen, as well as wonderful friend." Giorgi and Mark Marquisee (DE) _______________________________ "I would like to advise you of my confidence in the veracity and sound judgment of Horacio Lewis, whom I have found to be a very honest man, perceptive in his observations, discerning and careful in his conclusions, [and] credible in his statements. I would suggest to you that you can place your highest confidence in him as a public servant. His words, deeds, and reputation are as genuine as they are noteworthy." Jeffrey W. Dandoy, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (DE) _______________________________ "...I am enclosing a copy of the Report of the Governor's Council on Spanish-Speaking Opportunities." Governor Thomas J. Meskill (CT) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Upward Bound Staff, I want to formally express our appreciation to you for being our program evaluator of the Multi-Cultural Celebration Day...we thank you for spending your time with our students." Angela McCloskey, Coordinator & MCCD Project Director, Delaware Technical & Community College (DE) _______________________________ "Your provocative talk on 'Communicating Across Cultures' was a hit collegewide. Your exciting delivery on the topic of multicultural education was most informative and an inspiration to us all." Jane Wilkie, Delaware Technical and Community College (DE) _______________________________ "I was fortunate enough to sit in on one of your sessions at the National Association for Multicultural Education in Orlando. Thank you for the information shared during that session." Rosa S. Pickett, Manager, National Education Association (FL) _______________________________ "It is my pleasure to extend a formal invitation for you to serve as a member of the National Review Panel for the Secondary School Recognition Program." Jean D. Narayanan, Staff Director, U.S. Department of Education (Washington, DC) ________________________________ "I have known and worked with Mr. Lewis for the past five years. I find him to be competent, creative, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, talented, skillful and knowledgeable." Charles Moses, Superintendent, Milford School District (DE) _______________________________ "Thank you for your recent correspondence advising me of your views on the Voting Rights Act. I appreciate knowing your views on this historic legislation which protects the fundamental political rights guaranteed in the Constitution for all Americans." Senator Edward M. Kennedy, United States Senate (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "Thank you for the excellent presentation you made to Soil Conservation Service employees during our National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration." Elesa K. Cottrell, State Conservationist, United States Department of Agriculture (DE) _______________________________ "I appreciate the partial listing [of your report on Hispanics in Government] and know it will be useful to myself and my staff in contacting other Governor's offices about mutual Hispanic concerns." Governor William P. Clements, Jr. (TX) _______________________________ "Thank you for your superb presentation on Racism to the members of the Academy of Lifelong Learning. You can be assured that the concepts you presented had a distinct positive impact on the audience. As always your style was warm, convincing and factual. You set an example for all of us. I look forward to working with you again on your exemplary mission." Dr. Richard A. Linett (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of Delaware State College, I want to thank you for your skilled assistance by promoting the workshop: Managing Cultural Diversity, on WDOV and serving as a workshop instructor." Dr. Henry N. Tisdale, Vice President for Academic Affairs (DE) _______________________________ "Thank you for taking a few minutes today to talk to me about your cultural diversity research." Tom Beyer, PR Newswire (WA) _______________________________ "It is with great pride that I congratulate you on your nomination for 2008-2009 Middletown High School Teacher of the Year. Your dedication and commitment to students is demonstrated in your daily efforts…" Donna Lee Mitchell, Principal (DE) _______________________________ "Just a short note to recognize and thank you for your support in helping Mayor James H. Sills, Jr. put together his team for running the City of Wilmington." Arthur W. Boswell, Administrative Assistant, City of Wilmington (DE) _______________________________ "It has always been a pleasure to work on committees with Horacio Lewis. I have always found him to be a fair individual who is much concerned about the needs of the underserved regardless of race or sex. But more than concern, he takes action by bringing direct attention to issues and serving as an advocate for those unable to speak for themselves." Maria D. Perez, M.D. (DE) _______________________________ "I was on the one hand disappointed, yet happy for you to learn about your new position at Brown University. In my estimation Delaware has lost an insightful and accomplished teacher and a passionate advocate for human rights, and Brown is indeed fortunate to have [the] benefit of your thinking and doing." David H. Burdash, Director of The Wilmington Library (DE) _______________________________ "Dr. Lewis has earned my respect on many levels, but perhaps the most striking of his strengths--at least to me--is the way he applies the best of both the scholarly and the pragmatic approaches to policy-making. He is consistently well-informed, current in his research and eloquent in his expression of ideas, and just as consistently, he is committed to finding solutions that work--'real world'--solutions that allow room for complexity and compromise. He has broken down barriers between groups of our citizens not by the volume of his voice but by the power of his argument and of his example. He has opened doors of opportunity and understanding, touching countless individual lives and strengthening our shared sense of community." Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., United States Senate (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "When I thought of professional poets, Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks always came to mind first. Now I am happy to say that I can add you to the list." Judy Smith (DE) _______________________________ "I would like to thank you for the great job you do. The door to understanding that you have opened for me, I hope to hold open for others." Penny Nairne, Director, Riverbend Environmental Education Center (PA) _______________________________ "Please accept this letter as our personal thanks for your contribution to the success of our corporate conference...the Telamon Corporation staff were exposed to information and knowledge that will assist them in better serving our clients." Ismael Torres, Staff Training Specialist (NC) _______________________________ "By this letter I would like to confirm your participation as a scholar/discussion leader for 'If All New Castle County Read the Same Book: The Color of Water'...Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in this program. I know that you will add a most interesting dimension to the discussion." Charlesa Lowell, Project Manager, Newark Free Library (DE) _______________________________ "Thank you very much for your letter expressing your support for adequate funding for Title IV of the Civil Rights Act. I will continue to support...this program as the Congress makes crucial budgetary decisions." Chairman Carl D. Perkins, Congress of The United States (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "Helped us do some self-examination as we considered issues of race." Newark United Church of Christ (DE) _______________________________ "I would like to congratulate you on being nominated for the 25th Annual Jefferson Awards. This is an honor that you richly deserve. However, more than simply congratulating you, I would like to thank you for your tireless dedication and devotion to the community. You have raised the state’s consciousness about the importance of civil rights, Hispanic affairs, the NAACP and children and have demonstrated firsthand the significance of diversity. It is my sincere hope that your efforts will inspire others to follow your example. Once again congratulations and best wishes." Michael N. Castle, Member of Congress __________________________________ "I am writing to acknowledge and thank your for your gift of [five groups] of primary source material pertaining to issues of Latinos in Delaware and elsewhere (which were compiled when you were Chairman of the Delaware Governor’s Council on Hispanic Affairs, Co-Founder of the Delaware Latino task Force, and Dean of the Indiana University Office of Latino Affairs), the history of the Panama Canal and desegregation of Delaware schools. As I mentioned during your visit, these sorts of printed reports are important primary documents and often represent a unique source of information on some of these topics. I appreciate your donation of this material to the Library where it can be used by students, faculty and members of the community. I am particularly pleased to have the desegregation material, which reflects your unique perspective as a [“]plaintiff[”] in the desegregation of Delaware schools. The desegregation of Delaware schools is one of our most heavily-researched topics and the material you have given us will quickly become an important resource for the students and scholars who research this topic..." Timothy D. Murray, Head Special Collections, University of Delaware____________ Family Court Judge Aida Wasserstein:  “Dr. Lewis is sensitive, caring, capable, thorough, knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise.”  Delaware News Journal  Use link on this page for "MORE CONTACT/REVIEWS."
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