MORE EXCERPTS 23. Was bypassed for job due to skin I wore selection unfair suffering galore I had worked quite hard two decades on job what more could I do who else will they rob I launched my own claim to right what was wrong but no one told me pain pierced like a prong Hunger strike I staged it drew attention to acts racism in job promotion But one thing I found in fighting my case many impacted simply hide their face Makes it easier to discriminate with impunity even segregate First the long process going on five years then hostility hurt plus wear and tears Did get some support from church and oher many however just didn't bother You journey alone put yourself on line with this type of risk you hang on a vine But what's worst of all is having to work under white chosen incompetent jerk Communication was nonexistent since "competencies" are fact resistant Following such talk I became quite ill my bowels left me 'twas against my will I woke up next day the bed had been wet last time I was four I would almost bet Much stress little sleep face began to twitch heart palpitations my job was a bitch Why then was I asked to train my new boss who's more qualified I am at a loss 24. I am reminded of my “minority status” every day…For instance, a large medical organization once asked me to serve on a committee which would advise its [all white] Board of Directors on diversity and community health issues. Indeed, they pleaded with me to serve, saying how valuable my expertise would be to its Board, since I had served on the Governor’s Council on Minority Health…My response was to the point: “If you feel I would be valuable to your Board of Directors, then why are you not inviting me to serve on the Board of Directors.” With my limited time, I refused to be marginalized on some sub-group to the real action. It seemed that even as a “great resource,” I wasn’t good enough for their all white Board of Directors. If diversity had been a commitment, they would have found a way to desegregate their Board rather than create a committee for “show” purposes. The complexion of a governing body speaks louder than words. 25. Blacks, Latinos and other non-whites carry the burden of having to deny their true selves in order to fit in and adjust to racist, ethnocentric environments and behaviors, lest they be ostracized and viewed as some type of militant undeserving of their positions or of being associated with. Quite frankly, this perception remains regardless of our accomplishments or assimilation efforts. Hence, I say be yourself! For what good is it to lose yourself and the job as well? Given the choice, I vote to stay with myself—it’s really all I’ve got in the end. What’s the purpose of life if not to contribute the unequaled self that you are and know. 26. A Black friend of mine, who is a fine writer, talks of having to tone down her “natural style” when she writes in order to be published by the white press. This she says, diminishes her contribution and, hence, shortchanges her readers. Not unlike a Latino friend who takes pride in explaining that in Spanish “I say what I want,” while in English, “I say what I can.” 27. Let us all recognize that without our collective contributions to the building of our society, there would be no United States of America. Let us admit the existence of racism and work toward its eradication, however, let us not accuse anyone of being a “racist” unless there is consistent evidence to indicate such. And though a thorough comprehension of the institution of slavery should inform present and future interpersonal relationships, it should be taken for what it is—History, and must not “color” our perception of others. Moreover, let us not blame all our societal and personal failures on racism and instead take responsibility for the positive things we can do to improve our condition and the plight of others. 28. Successful Latinos and Blacks are angry because they are judged by a different yardstick, always having to prove themselves, and because they are viewed as inferior to whites. When I asked an employer why I didn’t get a particular promotion for which I was most qualified, he mumbled something about my needing to demonstrate my capabilities for another year, or so, before I could be considered—even after years of outstanding performance evaluations. And he added that I was “not a team player.” Did he know anything about me, or was I just another inconsequential minority to deal with? 29. What he failed to understand is that I wouldn’t have survived in his predominantly white agency if I hadn’t suppressed much of myself by “team playing” even though I was never accepted as part of the team to begin with. Ironically, if you are not “part of “ of a team, it takes great skills to be a “team player.” 30. With less tenure than I had, and therefore less opportunity to demonstrate true capabilities, the white employee who got the promotion was not viewed as needing to do anything in particular in addition to what had already been done. This prompts the question: When will the workplace be ready to accept and advance Blacks, Latinos and others who are different? And when will non-whites attain full humanhood in our society? 31. This discussion, coupled with the External Redress Group (ERG) model presented in the “Newsletter/Discussion” page in this site, should be of great relevance to the current Delaware State Police quagmire. I am, however, encouraged by the recent bold moves taken by Delaware’s Governor and the new Superintendent of the State Police to recruit, retain and promote diversity without bias. How consistent will they be? Only time will tell. 32. Believe/ Cree Believe/ Cree Believe/ Cree Believe/ Cree Believe in yourself my friend/ Cree en ti mismo mi amigo believe in what you should do/ cree en lo que debes hacer believe for dreams do come true/cree porque sueños se realizan Believe Cree Believe/ cree You and yourself is/ Tú/tu mismo eres all you got/ todo lo que tienes check in the mirror/ mira en el espejo see your lot/ ve tu fortuna don’t let another/ no dejes que nadie tell you what/ te diga lo que you ought to do or/ debes hacer o what you’re not/ lo que eres Believe/ Cree Believe/ cree Once upon a time/ Había una vez you see/ tú ves I was told/ me dijeron that things must be done/ que las cosas debían ser hechas one way/ de una sola manera who should say/ quién debe decir It occurred to me/ Se me ocurrió a mí my friend/ mi amigo I’m in charge/ que estoy encargado I’ll control my life/ controlaré mi vida today/ hoy come what may/ venga lo que venga Believe/ Cree Believe/ Cree Believe/ Cree 33. What’s up with IQ who can measure mind I submit no one it’s one of a kind 34. Let education be the foundation peace and harmony our destination 35. Go to college if you can but don’t use school as an excuse not to educate yourself 36. Bolero salsa music in my vein tango merengue dancing keeps me sane 37. Si Dios quiere words frequently said to shirk your duties and blame God instead 38. Things changed for Nova when GM got to know no one would drive car carro that don’t go 39. Carter was lame duck told to Spanish friend meant pato cojo joke to macho men 40. We all have heroes don’t listen to those who say otherwise take yourself a pose Don’t limit yourself open your own mind be your own person decide your own find If others should choose the friends you select will simply reflect the fools you collect 41. Being like someone else denies others of our own examples 42. You are here to shine a light so that others may see their way 43. Shine your life with acts light’s faster than sound see quicker than hear learning simply found 44. What a crying shame with the life of words Some spring from your mouth And grow into turds 45. Play the bullshit game lie in it be a phony kiss ass get out of my way you are beginning to smell 46. What statements are we making with the kind of life we are living 47. Listen twice as much as you talk you will learn twice as much as you know 48. Judge Murray M. Schwartz had given the State of Delaware ample time to get its act together but the State refused to act. Schwartz’s courageous order to desegregate our mostly segregated schools could have been preempted by responsible State legislation or policy, however, the State preoccupied itself with multiple appeals and game-playing (suggesting “one-way”—blacks only—bussing at one point) to avoid what eventually resulted in the inevitable and inequitable nine years of inner city (mostly black) students being bussed to suburban schools and three years of suburban (mostly white) students being bussed to inner city schools. This metropolitan remedy, with provisions for a “bilingual program for limited English proficient Hispanic students,” was preceded by what may be viewed as an attempt to “hurry-up and train/prepare” teachers, et al., just a few months before it all started in the fall of 1978. Unlike most desegregation cases, the State Board of Education (SBE) became the Defendant (later joined by four desegregating districts and, in late 1994, by the Delaware House Desegregation Committee) because the SBE excluded the mostly Black Wilmington School District in the city (the only such minority district in the State) when the SBE and the State Legislature reorganized and ended State “de jure” segregation via a resolution and the Educational Advancement Act during 1965-1968. This prompted Black parents (Plaintiffs) in 1971 to reopen the Evans v. Buchanan case (which officially began in 1956 and followed a 1952 Belton v. Gebhart and Bulah v. Gebhart Delaware school desegregation ruling) claiming the Act violated their constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment. The legal aspect of school desegregation in Delaware ended with a ruling by U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson in 1995. From "I Might As Well Move To The Moon" 49. "Well as it turned out, in December of 1974, the Appellate Court ruled in my favor [in the case of Horacio D. Lewis v. Albert P. Nowicki, Heil & Heil, Inc.]. The Chicago Appellate Court reversed the Trial Court and affirmed the holding of the Evanston [Illinois] Fair Housing Review Board in my housing discrimination case. I truly did win this case after all and desegregated a neighborhood in the process. You can too." From "Quadrangulated Inequality" 50. Desegregation great experiment little commitment first check house for rent 51. Your racial category is “human” or earthling or global being 52. Read read read one book two books five articles fill your mind with knowledge information ideas get creative write a book two books five articles 53. Words purport to say what they mean but do they who them no words mean words 54. If you are waiting for another life you may already be dead Live everyday 55. Let us follow the plan of life 56. Black Latinos write of race and dolor while white Latinos use race lust calor 57. We are the sum total of our experiences we create what we are then we blame others who control our experiences who blame our experiences 58. Run run run he is after you wait look around no one is there but then again you may be running from yourself run run run 59. How can we fix it society astray talk less do much more words mostly betray What can we do now to better a wrong give all those a chance it’s been much too long 60. Diversity is the word it’s a salad bowl all participate equity’s the goal 61. Do your best and let it rest PLEASE REFER TO "PUBLICATIONS" PAGE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY. Use links/buttons on this page to view other pages in this site. Contact HORACIOLEWIS.COM FAIRNESS INSTITUTE by writing to horaciolewis@horaciolewis.com. BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE HORACIOLEWIS.COM FAIRNESS INSTITUTE. HÁGASE MIEMBRO ACTIVA/O DEL INSTITUTO
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