EXCERPTS from the writings of Horacio Lewis. Please refer to “PUBLICATIONS” for all references. Contact horaciolewis@horaciolewis.com for the rest of the story. From "My Life in Verse"

1. I BELONG IN THIS WORLD/ PERTENEZCO A ESTE MUNDO I belong in this world/ Pertenezco a este mundo I refuse to believe/ rehuso creer you are better than me/ que eres mejor que yo this is nonsense you see/ esto es disparate ves When I came to this world/ Cuando llegué a este mundo there was no one like me/ no había nadie como yo the assignment I have/ la asignación que tengo be the best I can be/ ser lo mejor que pueda There are things I should learn/Hay cosas que debo aprender to act right and achieve/ comportarme bien y avanzar to survive in this world/ para sobrevivir en este mundo and contribute my dream/ y contribuir mi sueño I will just be myself/ Seré quien soy in a world that’s diverse/ en un mundo que es diverso it is great to be me/ es gran cosa ser yo I am something to see/ soy algo para ver I will reach out to those/ Extenderé la mano a aquellos who are needing my help/ que necesitan mi ayuda I will fight for the rights/ lucharé por los derechos that I need to be free/ que necesito para ser libre

2. Racism was brought by gringos from north, concerned for one thing, a canal or short, Living in the Zone meant segregation by Americans, in our own nation Whites stuck together, the Zone was their throne, English was required, this written in stone, Yet mi corazón, arroz con pollo, are used for living, and I still means yo Wonderful country, beautiful women, good place to reside, nice place to be men, But now things have gone, from bad to much worse, with an invasion, and more than one hearse

3. Things I could not do, places I couldn't go, times I didn't get food, rent was what we owe', Mi casa we said, to all those who came, es su casa meant, friend and kin are same, This didn't go quite well, for mice heard the call, to eat the few meals, it was free for all, No wonder my kids, today can not see, the three that I have, what food means to me, My boy and girls joke, they don't understand, 'bout the toy I had, their lot is so grand

4. A Castle for My Queen (song) If I could build a castle dear, I would build one for you, not only would it be the best, it would be fun to do Your castle would be very grand, your castle would be right, ‘cause you are oh so wonderful, you are my very light, A castle is appropriate, for you my precious queen, I would design it just for you, the best you’ve ever seen My darling I’ll be true to you , please let me be your king, our love will reign for ever more, you are my everything. karma

5. Where’s the Dawn (song) The time has come to retire the time has come to relax It’s time to set aside the worries of the fax I wish to sleep in I wish to unwind please let me just chill and nobody mind about all the bills they’ve been paid At least that is what I thought ‘till taxes and health became the nightmare that I feared it's a shame I wish to sleep in… I worked all these years I did to get to stage of life when things would be all right oh what strife I wish to sleep in… Now it’s really time to rest for money and health are gone it’s time to say goodbye where’s the dawn I wish to sleep in… Where’s the dawn where’s the dawn where’s the dawn...

6. So let us all live before we are gone and begin the search for a brand new dawn

7. Open Your Eyes (song) Who do you believe in who do you trust it is not too soon to do what you must People come and go so what is the rule life gives much to learn just don’t be a fool there is nothing fair that’s promised to me people tell you things but wait and you’ll see It is when you need them open your eyes folks will disappear yes all but few byes

8. Please Amor (song) It’s your love that I want dame tu amor without it it’s the end perdiré el sabor Come baby come to me vente corazón I beg you can’t you see tenga compassion Yes dear come here el tiempo llegó please don’t hold back que aquí me vengo The time is here al cielo me voy we now are one tú eres quien soy From "100 Poems and Other Impressions"

9. I am who I am because I said so no one knows what I know about me I am an authority on me do not tell me ask me

10. A period two periods ten periods why there is no end life death man woman everything connects nothing is definitive including this here herein heretofore hereafter see seed

11. The written page is not sacred for anyone can write and everything written is based on personal subjective experiences take the written page for what it is worth then decide based on your own experiences to accept or reject then write your own page for others to do likewise you may reject this if you wish

12. Peace tranquility solitude work interruptions making love feeling good work interruptions playing laughing weeping work interruptions sleeping enjoying living work interruptions dying work interruptions

13. Women women women creatures of wonder fascinatingly incredible innocent at heart emotionally honest irremediably appreciative unbelievably Human unforgivably deadly

14. Objectivity is in the subjective eye of the beholder From "Quadrangulated Inequality: Rhymes, Reasons and Trials of a Multicultural Soul"

15. Before my mother took ill, during her final years, she reminisced quite a bit about the kind of person she used to be. She had been an eloquent public speaker and writer, a dynamic person, and excellent teacher, a faith filled person who inspired others. A person who truly made a difference. I always wondered why she didn’t continue to be this person she remembered. She instead was preoccupied with “getting old.” I think a great many people who live to “get old” have survived life and hence, have a great deal to teach the rest of us. One’s contributions to life ought to end only when there is no longer a life to live.

16. …His employer announced the position, and when confronted with the Latino’s outstanding application, decided to close (freeze) the position. His employer instead sent his preferred white candidate away for specialized training. The position was reopened a year later requiring said training. Well guess who got the job? Obviously, if one is committed to discriminate, there are a multiplicity of ways to do so. A claim on this incident was briefly pursued, but abandoned after a realization that this was “typical behavior” of the employer and hence, an effort in futility. Indeed, minorities are less inclined to pursue a claim against their employer for reasons having to do with a lack of knowledge on how to navigate a discrimination complaint through the system, and generally because they need their jobs, and fear retaliation.

17. During a conversation with a white acquaintance regarding my visit to the extraordinary Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, he worried that now “your people,” he told me, would want their own museum. Not knowing which people he was referring to, I nonetheless took the opportunity to inform him that there were indeed plans to develop a National Museum on Slavery; to his dismay, I am sure.

18. A white colleague once complimented me for “always” standing up for minorities. And I do. However, what she failed to realize, and this she was told, is that I stand up for those who are disenfranchised or treated unfairly. It so happens that racial and ethnic minorities in this society are more likely to be oppressed; and that is why one may get the erroneous impression that I “only” stand up for minorities. Equity is everybody’s business! I refuse to be stereotyped, I too want to discuss the problems of “nuclear proliferation…” Heck, I always believed Linda Chavez was a jerk, Clarence Thomas a Tom, and that O.J. was guilty! I have gotten in trouble with more militant Black and Latino colleagues for supporting whites and others when, in my judgment, they are in the right. My definition of fairness goes across the board. I also believe in looking in my own backyard and not ignoring the sty in my own eye.

19. It’s how you behave not color of skin I condemn racism not color you’re in

20. Problem with racism it’s recognized more by those who’re victims than those who ignore And always pretend that folks who complain it’s all in their heads so hard to explain

21. Science I studied kill cancer my dream fighting racism is my current scheme Physical illness a pill can adjust but with bigotry pain continuous

22. Qualifications that’s what it’s about affirmative is the best without a doubt Fairness thoughtfulness part of the process for all candidates provide full access Whites have you no fear listen to me now if you are the best then you must prove how Skin has no purpose but to serve as a wrap evaluation looks under your cap And into your heart who you truly are what you are to be beyond race by far Near four hundred years you are not to blame but your work today is it not a shame Discrimination destroys personhood creates doubt blame rage erases selfhood Dehumanizes “inferiorizes” marginalizes rationalizes


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