MORE CONTACT/REVIEWS ______________________________ "Your suggestions and feedback have had a significant impact on the TerraNova, Second Edition. We would like to acknowledge your contribution by including your name...within the acknowledgment section of the Teacher's Guide for Classroom Connections." Anthony Chobanian, Program Office Coordinator, CTB/McGraw-Hill (CA) _______________________________ "I wish to express our appreciation for your inspiring presentation. Your message that we as a society need to admit there is something wrong in our views about race in order to begin to deal with this issue resonated with all who were in attendance. By forcing the audience to confront the myths about race which permeate Western culture and encouraging them to view history from different perspectives, you provided us with insight into the unspoken privileges that the majority culture has bestowed upon itself. With humor and forthrightness, you managed to encapsulate many of the ideas about majority/minority relations which are brought forth in study circles." Ellen O. Wasfi, President, League of Women Voters of Greater Dover (DE) _______________________________ "I personally believe that much of the success of programs for disenfranchised populations in our schools came about because of the efforts of Horacio. His work made it possible for our state to be released from the Federal Desegregation orders. State Senator Donna Reed (DE) _______________________________ "I am pleased to re-enter public service and look forward to working with individuals, groups and organizations as we tackle the immense problems facing our nation. I will need your continued support in meeting the needs of HUD clients." The Hon. Henry Cisneros, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "We at the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education are very grateful for the time you took from your busy schedule to allow one of our writers to interview you." Castro Maldonado, Publisher (NJ) _______________________________ "You are one of the most requested speakers in the New Castle County Library system this fall." Margaret Darby, Librarian (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of the United Negro College Fund office thank you for all your support and assistance...with our counselor workshops sponsored by the Delaware Office." Alicia Clark (DE) _______________________________ "...I wanted to touch base with you to thank you for your important participation in our 'Finding The Americas' conference." Dr. Deborah P. Haskell, Executive Director, Delaware Heritage Commission (DE) _______________________________ "I want to extend our appreciation to you for serving as a panel member for the first combined Magnet Schools Assistance/Title IV Desegregation Programs Conference that was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education..." Alicia Coro, Director of School Improvement Programs, Elementary and Secondary Education (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "I just wanted to again express our thanks for your fine work in planning and executing the inservice on multicultural issues and gender equity with our administrative staff...the evaluations were excellent." Dr. Richard J. Domencic, Assistant Superintendent, North Allegheny Schools (PA) _______________________________ "On behalf of the State Board of Education, my sincerest congratulations for your efforts in elevating the importance of multicultural education in our public schools. I am especially pleased in the recognition you and the statewide multicultural committee received from the National Association of State Boards of Education." Paul Fine, President, State Board of Education (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of the North Penn School District, I would like to thank you for your assistance in the research and recommendations found in the multicultural task force report. The report was a culmination of months of study, review, dialogue and decision making. It was presented to the school board in September and was unanimously accepted." Sandra D. Mangano, Ed.D., Task Force Chairperson (PA) _______________________________ "I would like to personally thank you for sharing your expertise on Hispanic Culture with the recruits at the Police Training Academy." Dennis P. Regan, Chief of Police (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Families In Crisis Committee, I would like to thank you for your dedication to the Conference. By presenting a workshop, you helped ensure the Conference would be a success. Your time, talents and expertise allow us to continue and expand programs and services that make our community a good place in which to live and work." Lorraine B. Westcott, Families In Crisis Co-Chairperson (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Diversity Committee of our Stanton/Wilmington campuses, I'd like to again thank you for agreeing to be our very special Fall Diversity Forum speaker...You are widely recognized as an expert lecturer and educator who has made dynamic presentations throughout Delaware and other parts of the country on educational and diversity issues." G. Patricia Moody, Delaware Technical & Community College (DE) ______________________________ "I am pleased to forward to you a recently completed report covering the activities of the Delaware-Panama Democracy Education Seminar. We greatly value your participation as a guest speaker." Dr. Jerome R. Lewis, Director, College of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, University of Delaware (DE) _______________________________ "Though this note is late in coming, it is no less enthusiastic in conveying our thanks to you for playing such a major role in the success of the Multicultural Working Conference held in White Plains." Donna Elam, New York University (NY) _______________________________ "Mil gracias for hosting our visit to your fine State." Maria Bonita Galindo, Executive Director, Maryland Ethnic Heritage Commission (MD) _______________________________ "You should be applauded for the work you do on and off the job." Donn H. Bichsel, Vice President, Northeastern Illinois University (IL) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Hispanic and Latin American Concerns Office, Multicultural Programs, and Hola, we wanted to thank you for supporting the opening ceremony of Hispanic Heritage Month." Amanda Noda, Graduate Assistant, HLAC, University of Delaware (DE) _______________________________ "I am pleased to tell you that your poem, 'Birth,' has won a prize in our recently completed Summer Poetry Contest. Congratulations!" Richard Elliot, Chief Contest Judge, American Poetry Association (CA) _______________________________ "Thanks you for your commitment to participate in the Governor's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Task Force." Charles Konigsberg, Jr. M.D., M.P.H. (DE) _______________________________ "Thanks for agreeing to speak to the group of Volunteers who have expressed an interest in the Guardian Ad Litem at the Court." Regena J. Manley, Manager of Diversion Operations, The Family Court of the State of Delaware (DE) _______________________________ "This letter is to confirm your participation as workshop forum presenter at the NASW Delaware Chapter Minority Affairs Committee Conference entitled 'Strengthening the family in the Minority Community." Earl White, Co-Chair and Debra O'Neal, Co-Chair, National Association of Social Workers, Delaware Chapter (DE) _______________________________ "On behalf of the entire Senate Commitee on Youth Services, we want to express our deep gratitude for your participation on our Advisory Committee." Harris B.McDowell, III, Chairman and Myrna L. Bair, Vice Chairman, State of Delaware Senate (DE) _______________________________ "Horacio Lewis, you are the reason we have hope." Edward James Olmos, Actor/Director, University of Delaware Hispanic Heritage Keynoter (DE) _______________________________ "I am delighted that you have joined us to serve on the Education Advisory Committee for 'A World of Difference.' The guidance, leadership and assistance that you provide to Temple University in its development of curriculum and organization and implementation of teacher training workshops for the project, will prove to be of great value." Barry Morrison, Director, Anti-Defamation League (PA) _______________________________ "The Delaware guidelines for infusing multicultural education into school curricular and co-curricular programs [prepared by Horacio Lewis, et al.] is clearly one of the most well thought out and comprehensive efforts we have seen in this area. Delaware's approach to this issue could serve as a model to the nation. I was so impressed with the work of Mr. Lewis and the Delaware Statewide Multicultural Education Committee that I invited Mr. Lewis to come to Alexandria and meet with the NASBE Study Group Members. They concurred with my assessment of the policy and felt Mr. Lewis did an outstanding job of framing the issues and outlining Delaware's approach." Brenda Lilienthal Welburn, Deputy Executive Director, National Association of State Boards of Education (VA) ______________________________ "The positive influence you have on others is most inspiring!" Dr. H. William Mitchell, President, Power of Positive Students (POPS) (MD) _______________________________ "Thank you for contacting me regarding your opposition to an English Language Amendment." Tom Carper, Member of Congress (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "Horacio Lewis is one of the most dedicated and caring professionals that I have ever come in contact with. He has provided tremendous assistance to Public Defender clients who have very few people advocating on their behalf. When I get discouraged in my work I think of Horacio and his dedication to Civil Rights. In establishing the Latino Task Force, Mr. Lewis gave hope to many people who feel left out of our community. Through the efforts of Horacio Lewis the Latino Task Force has enhanced the self esteem and political empowerment of [the] Latino community." William M. Killen, Public Defender's Office of the State of Delaware (DE) _______________________________ "I would like to thank you for participating in WRTV's Chicano Special entitled "Children of the Sun." Chuck O'Donnell (IN) _______________________________ "On behalf of President Carter, I want to thank you for taking the trouble to let him have your views on the Panama Canal treaties." Hodding Carter III, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Department of State (Washington, DC) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Office of Equal Educational Opportunity, I would like to thank you for presenting the keynote address at our First New Jersey Invitational Hispanic Desegregation Conference." Pamela Leggio, Department of Education (NJ) _______________________________ "On behalf of the Delaware Association for Healthcare Quality, I thank you for presenting at our recent conference: Diversity and the Managed Care Environment. Your segment on 'Diverse Cultures & Healthcare Management' was well received by our attendees, as reflected by the positive comments obtained in our evaluations." Donna Goldsborough (DE) _______________________________ "Let me also, on behalf of all Delawareans, extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your valuable service as Chairman of the Council on Hispanic Affairs. I recognize that, during the past few years when governmental resources grew smaller, chairing such a Council was a demanding task. In spite of these difficulties, you conducted yourself according to the highest standards of integrity and honor." Pierre S. du Pont, IV, Governor (DE) _______________________________ "--With the greatest admiration for the contribution you are making to Delaware youth. Thanks for inviting me to be part of your program. All the best for your continued success." General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Retired, United States Air Force (VA) _______________________________ "Again, many thanks for your continuing interest and support of Westside Health Service." Lolita Lopez, Executive Director and Richard L. Kane, President, Westside Health Service (DE) _______________________________ "Dr. Lewis has assisted Delaware school districts in the development of educational, diversity and other related programs and policies, as well as to provide important training activities for school district and college level faculty and staff. Moreover, his guidance and counsel have been invaluable and have assisted schools in diffusing potentially volatile situations. Horacio has a positive attitude and is reliable and industrious. He has the exceptional ability to work collaboratively with colleagues at all levels of education and is able to motivate positive interaction. He conducts himself in a highly professional manner and has established an excellent rapport with his colleagues and with personnel in school districts and the community. These characteristics, along with his genuine sincerity, have earned him the respect of professionals across the State and country." Dr. William B. Keene, State Superintendent Emeritus, University of Delaware (DE) _______________________________ "I have been visiting your website and always seem to find that bit of inspiration I need at the moment." Roberta Adams, Director of Education and Public Programs, Delaware Art Museum (DE) ________________________________ "Dear Dr. Lewis, I wanted to thank you for leading the book discussion group yesterday. you brought valuable insights and a different perspective to us and we appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentation. We hope that you had an enjoyable time in Cambridge and thank you for a most interesting...discussion... 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