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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mitt Romney, Master Chameleon
Master chameleon Mitt Romney is at it again with his turn-around praise for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Or maybe he is just trying to keep up with President Obama’s brilliant handling of Sandy’s wrath.  Working with FEMA, Governor Chris Christie and others, our President has demonstrated empathy and leadership where it counts, regardless of partisanship, petty campaign issues and camera angles, while Governor Romney was relegated to irrelevancy, wallowing in constantly changing make-believe realities. When I proudly cast my vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6 as an unaffiliated voter, I will be voting for those with character, documented ethics and trust worthiness consistent with U.S. and global past, present and future state of affairs.   11/2/12 by Horacio D. Lewis
3:35 pm est 

Sandy Hook

Last Friday, our Almighty God welcomed back 20 little angels and seven not so little angels to heaven.  The Devil greeted one of his own.  We pray for them all including the demonic predator that cowardly preyed on the helpless innocent children.  While at the end of the day, God loves us all; I do not believe He is pleased with the forced return of His children by way of gun violence or similar abuse.As a young child, settling disagreements with words (and sometimes with fists) seemed to work for me and my community. Our society has since graduated to AK-47s and other assault type weapons best left in the hands of law enforcement and military personnel.If we are to curtail the type of wanton evil visited more recently on Sandy Hook Elementary School, we may begin by making it at least as difficult to own a firearm as it is to obtain a secure driver’s license coupled with more rigorous background checks for buyers with penal and psychiatric histories.  Discontinue the use of names/images of perpetrators of these types of massacres in the media and elsewhere.  Eliminate so called “reality shows,” since like mass murderers, there seems to be a desire for notoriety or some distorted type of fame. And finally, minimize entertainment and reports which glorify gratuitous violence and instead, reward/publicize acts of kindness, fairness and justifiable redress behaviors. Also, we need to structurally reinforce existing schools and build better schools that can withstand forced entries and contain safe/panic rooms and bullet proofed windows. Moreover, all teachers, staff, including security personnel, and students should be trained in methods to protect themselves when acts of violence are present in their school or place of employment.  Indeed, our most precious resources—our children—ought to be protected at least as well as we protect our President!Let us pray for all victims of violence/abuse and prayerfully stand up against the evil in people who kill, and employ the criminal justice and mental health systems as appropriate.  We can minimally act immediately by picking random days and standing outside of selected schools with placards announcing:  “We Stand against Violence.”I often wonder why perpetrators of violence don’t pick on people their own size with equivalent protective armaments.  And I ask: is there some correlation between hurricane Sandy and the selection of the school attacked?  10/12 by Horacio D. Lewis
3:31 pm est 

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