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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Latinos and Pediatric Pedophile Dr. Earl Bradley
I have been told that Attorney General Beau Biden’s office has sent out inquiry letters written in Spanish to the Latino community who may have received “medical” services from Pediatric Pedophile Dr. Earl Bradley.  If true and it’s a good start, some of us would be interested in learning what else Delaware officials may have done to allay the fear of authority, and encourage non-English proficient potential victims to come forward with their complaints.  Has there been a coordinated effort to send bilingual personnel (e.g. Social Workers) into the Latino community?  Has there been counsel sought from the National Council of La Raza?  It would help to understand that as a result of cultural differences/practices and perhaps compounded by immigration status, Latinos would be less apt to approach State officials even if they have been victimized. 3/20/10
Horacio D. Lewis, PhD
Newark DE
Former Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Child Protective Services, Former Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Hispanic Affairs, Former Chairman of the Delaware Advisory Commission to the US Commission on Civil Rights and Former Chairman of the Latino Task Force
1:26 pm edt 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Widespread Firing of Teachers
Two major personal laws governed my behavior during my 10+ year tenure teaching in four Delaware public high schools:  1. Treat students with utmost respect/courtesy and 2. Follow through with sanctions without engagement, when a disciplinary instruction/command is given.  The first part is easy if you are generally a polite person who believes in the sanctity of human beings and their capacity to learn and improve their lot.  The second part takes more time and patience.  For example (during an interaction with a disruptive student at the beginning of class): Teacher--“You need to sit in your assigned seat.”  Student—“Why? Johnny is not sitting in his.” Teacher—“Right now I am talking to you and I am asking you to sit in your assigned seat!”  If student continues to argue or ignore command, then the teacher needs to act with a disciplinary measure which may include extracting the student from the classroom, with administrative assistance, to minimize further class delay/distraction.  That said, with the recent widespread firing of teachers because of “budget constraints,” I trust school superintendents, et al., are also considering the expulsion/firing of disruptive students and redundant administrators in order to keep public school education alive with effective teachers. 3/18/10
3:13 pm edt 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Political Party
I hereby propose yet another political party to address the real needs of our American people; neither Democratic nor Republican or even Independent.  In fact, not even a Tea, Coffee or milk and cookies party.  I am thinking of a Fairness Party!  Or rather, a non-party built on fairness; one that would answer simple questions having to do with applied US constitutional issues and what’s in the best interest of the people; and would support informed candidates who can thoughtfully articulate and justify their fair approach to solving our American dilemma.  The time has come to truly help our country and our people, and to discontinue support for established political parties.  People needs come before party needs.  Let us endorse/elect individuals with the correct ideas for resolving our issues as a people and country even if we have to draft them. 3/16/10
12:17 pm edt 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Communicate More Truthfully

One of the things that irks me the most with our public political discourse is the dearth of verbal transparency when criticizing the other side.  I say, let us enhance communication and credibility, and attract more discerning listeners by first owning up to our own known misdeeds.  (“He who is without sin…”) 3/5/10
7:46 pm est 

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